Ad agencies are forever trying to integrate client content with marketing strategies and eye catching art design. Designer Andrew Miller, with Carbone Smolan Agency, is doing an about-face with his Brand Spirit Project. Before you read the titles, can you guess the item?

andrew miller: red stripeItem #12, Red Stripe

Every day for 100 days, Miller paints a branded object white, reducing the object to its purest form.

Andrew Miller White OutItem #8, White Out

He has set the rule for himself that the item must be purchased for under $10, something he owns already, something given to him, or something he has found.

andrew miller SharpieItem #7, Sharpie

Did you ever realize how recognizable the shape of certain things are?  And take a good look at one of my favorite items, the ubiquitous Sharpie marker. Did you ever notice the beautiful way the marker tapers down at the tip end?  How smooth and rounded the form is in your hand? (Well, I am partial to nice writing instruments.)

I like this project, and the way it really makes me look at the design of the things around me, in my home and at my desk.  Watch his progress as he continues with Brand Spirit:

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