Maybe its just a thing I have with dead insects. Despite my prejudices, I can truly appreciate the delicate and fine work that goes into Ten Donkelaar’s artwork.

anne ten donkelaar

“Goudraffeltje”, Anne Ten Donkelaar

Dutch artist Anne Ten Donkelaar collects broken butterflies and repairs them with fine care and skill.  The broken wings above are fixed with gold leaf to give them new, luminous edges.

anne ten donkelaar“Zwart vlek vlinder”, Anne Ten Donkelaar

Look closely. Not a fuzzy photo, but two embroidered wings on top.

Anne Ten Donkelaar“Landkaart”, Anne Ten Donkelaar

My personal favorite, the moth whose wings are completed with pieces of maps. Some of the maps used are the ones of the country where the moth originated.

See her website for more of her work.  She also creates flower collage pieces and other intricate threadwork art.

Also visit her new website, with tiny embroidered treasures: (via

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