When you think of papercut art, do you thing of grade school scissors and snowflake patterns?  Take a look at the work of artist Chris Natrop:

Chris NatropChris Natrop, Glitterati Swamp Thing
watercolor, iridescent medium on cut paper, fluorescent fixtures, color gel overlays, 2010

I love how he overlaps, and uses colors to imply shadows . . . are they shadows?  Or just overlapping papercuts?

Chris NatropChris Natrop, Reflector Thicket
46 x 38 inches, acid-etched polished stainless steel, nickel-plated brass pins, 2010

Natrop uses a stream-of-consciousness approach to his art.  Often he works on enormous sheets of paper stretched out vertically on his studio wall.  He spontaneously cuts away the paper to create his art pieces.

Chris NatropChris Natrop, Great River Mash-Up
water color, glitter and iridescent medium on cut paper, distressed two-way acrylic mirror, magic string, fluorescent lighting fixtures with colored gel overlays, LED light panels, reflective Mylar, overhead lighting, oscillating fan, 2010

 “I try to make sense out of the vagaries of existence, and pull from the silent beauty of the world.” – Chris Natrop

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