To go along with yesterday’s cup of tea, today I bring you more blogging warmth with some fireplace art.

Fireplace ArtSea Urchin, by Cathy Azria

Azria is a London sculptor, marketing her fireplace pieces under the name of B&D Designs. Metal is her medium, chosen for the way it responds to heat and transforms into glowing artwork.

Cathy AzriaBonfire XIa, created to sit on an electric fireplace, for those without a working fireplace flu

The sculptures are created with steel rods, which start to glow as they heat to red hot temperature, emitting crackling and popping noises as the metal expands with the heat. It is an artistic experience each time a fire is lit.

Cathy AzriaThe Moon, Cathy Azria

The sculptures provide artistic life for the fireplace setting, coming to life in the fire but also standing as  beautiful pieces when unlit.  Her works are not mass produced, but individually created and signed.  See more of her work online:

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