What do you think of when you read the words “Greek Sculpture”?  I’ll bet thoughts of marble and sculpted bodies run through your head.  Today I have a bit of modern Greek to share.  The work of Athanasios Babalis caught my eye with its graceful design.

Ananasios BabalisAnanasios Babalis, 2007, with Christina Skouloudi

Babalis is an industrial designer based in Thessaloniki Greece. The picture above is a design proposal for the decoration of the entrance space of the Bank of Greece in Athens.  The proposal was deemed one of the 12 best out of 471 submissions.

Ananasios Babalis
Ananasios Babalis

The sculpture pictured here is actually only a 1:10 scale model of his proposal.  I think it is beautiful how the metal flows, and it looks so different from every angle.

Ananasios BabalisAnanasios Babalis

Babalis and fellow independent designer Christina Skouloudi are in the news currently because of a new design project collaboration, The Argonaut Collection.  Very different from the graceful sculpture above, it is interesting nonetheless.

The Argonaut CollectionThe “Staphylos” fruit bowl, from the Argonaut Collection, Babalis & Skouloudi

The Fruit Bowl comes in black or white. Really takes your mind out of the box, doesn’t it? See the other pieces in their collection on either of their websites.

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