Have you ever visited Deviant Art?  I have been on that site many times, and am always amazed by the talent I find there. If you look on my sidebar to the right and click on Artist:  Emily Miller, you can see her work posted there.  (One of my absolute favorites).

Today I am featuring Calabarte’s gourd lamps.  Gorgeous.

gourd lamp 1, Calabarte, by Calabarte

Calabarte makes his lamps out of Senegalese gourds.  The white surfaces are wood that is carved to a deeper level, allowing brighter light to pass through. The thickness of the gourd generally does not exceed 4mm.

gourd lamp 2, CalabarteStanding Lamp XV String structure, by Calabarte

I love the shadows cast by his intricate carvings.  The gourds are generally 20 – 22 cm. in diameter, and the bases are carved in wood and finished with natural Italian oil.

gourd lamp, CalabarteStanding Lamp XV String structure, Calabarte

The picture above shows the intricacy of the carving in daylight.  Calabarte has a website, but it is still in progress.  You can see more of his work on his Deviant Art page, which also has a link to his Flickr account.

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