Where would you put a beautiful, light catching panel of stained glass?  Underground?

Take a look at this amazing Copenhagen museum, Cisternerne – Museum of Modern Glass Art, where the glass art is displayed beneath the surface of the earth, in an old water cistern. The entrance seems a little small, unassuming.

Cisternerne - Museum of Modern Glass ArtCisternerne – Museum of Modern Glass Art

Under the city of Søndermarken, you find an amazing 4200 square feet of hauntingly lit space, and art.

Cisternerne MuseumCisternerne Museum, photo from If Images

Cisternerne MuseumCisternerne Museum, photo from changehere.wordpress.com

Renowned sculptor Jørgen Haugen Sørensen currently has an exhibition in the museum. His work is a little (a lot) creepy, and it really adds to the atmosphere.

Jørgen Haugen SørensenJørgen Haugen Sørensen, photo by Simon Lautrop Elisabeth Saugmann

Sixteen million liters of drinking water used to flow through these cisterns.  There is no natural light, and subtly placed incandescents and candles provide illumination. Temperature is around 48 degrees Farenheit, so if you visit this museum, dress warmly.

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