Neil Wilkin creates some of my favorite things, out of my favorite medium.

Neil WilkinIcicle Shelf, Neil Wilkin

Wilkin is a British artist inspired by forms and colors from the environment.He is considered one of the leading glass artists in the UK.  I find it interesting that he ignores debates about distinctions between decorative and fine art, craft and concept-driven creation. Whether you call it craft, commercial, or fine art, the work is beautiful.

Neil WilkinRaindrop Chandelier, photo by Guus Rijven

On one end of the spectrum, Wilkin offers a gift section on his website for the public.  He also has sold work to internationally famous clients and worked on restoration of Windsor Castle’s fire-damaged chandeliers. He works with internationally renowned artists to to make their own artworks.

Neil WilkinGolden Seed Head,   photo by Guus Rijven

Visit Wilkin’s website to see more of his work:  If you want to be completely awed, go to this LINK.  Click on the images to pull up huge, full screen images that are just stunning.

I would also point you to a great blog entry about Neil Wilkin.  I was starting to pull quotes from this article, but decided I would almost quote the entire thing, so you may as well go to the source: (great blog, now defunct, but as of today, still archived online and full  of interesting info to browse).

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