Ok, maybe it doesn’t sound so magical, but it sure looks magical…

Helen PashgianUntitled, Helen Pashgian
cast polyester resin, 8 in. diameter

In the 1960’s, a group in Los Angeles called the Light and Space artists moved away from concrete sculpture into the new translucent materials of the times, resin, plexiglass and plastics.  The way these materials reflected and filtered light opened up new dimensions for sculpture.

The Getty Center has a video online of an interview with Pashgian.  She describes her process, and notes that these spheres and other created shapes are hand-formed,not machine tooled.  She shapes them by eye, then sands and polishes to perfection.

Helen PashgianUntitled, Helen Pashgian

The Ace Gallery in Beverly Hills is featuring some of Pashgian’s latest work, columns and wall sculptures, through the  month of January, 2012.

Helen PashgianUNTITLED #14, 2011, Helen Pashgian
Poured cast epoxy, acrylic frame

I am mesmerized by her work and the capture of light, but it is a mystery how that is done.  Her work looks like it is lit from within, glowing softly, luminescent, yet there is no inherent light source within the work.

Helen PashgianAce Gallery Installation, Helen Pashgian

Visit the Ace Gallery website to view a slideshow of more of her beautiful, translucent sculpture.

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