I love Google.  Yeah, there are other search engines — yahoo, ask and the more recently advertised bing, are some of the most commonly used.  Dogpile used to be one of my favorites when I was working in the Elementary School library, and I just read that it is making a comeback. When you plug in your question or search, you tell it to Fetch!

But not as fun as Google, with its clean, blank search page, just waiting for you to plug in your every search need. Good old Google, with its bright, elementary, happy color palette.

And Google goes the extra mile — specially designed art-inspired pages – Wow!  Here are some of the classics:

Google Page: Audobon226th Birthday of John James Audubon – Apr 26, 2011 (Global)

I think it’s a little hard to see the G – O -O -G – L -E in this one, but that’s ok because I love Audubon’s illustrations. For half a century he was America’s wildlife artist, and his work is still a standard against which modern day bird artists are measured.

Google art: MuchaAlfons Mucha’s 150th Birthday – Jul 24, 2010 (Selected Countries)

Alphonse Mucha, born in the Czech Republic, was reportedly drawing before he was walking. Eventually he became a painter, and moved to Paris, where he studied at the Academie Julian. In 1895 he presented his new style to Paris, which began the movement called Art Nouveau.

I love springD4G Nordics Winner Hilde Lorentzon’s ‘I Love Spring’ – (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)

Not only are famous artists represented, but current google doodlers are featured with imaginative new ways to express the spirit of google.

Google art: WildebeastsCelebrating the Wildebeest Migration. Doodle by Samuel Githui. – (Kenya, Tanzania)

So creative, and a little thing to brighten up your computer day.  See more Google Doodles here.

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