Unfortunately, I missed the wonderful SOFA show this year.  How wonderful that I can dig in online and still appreciate some of the great art that was featured on Navy Pier in Chicago this past weekend.  Not comparable to being there in person, but a small comfort nonetheless.

Eugene AndolsekEugene Andolsek, Untitled #14A

Andolsek is one of the artists featured in The Intuit Show at SOFA. He worked at his kitchen table with a compass, straight edge, graph paper, and an eyedropper to create amazing intricate works of art, yet did not even consider himself an artist. Once completed, his work was put away in a closet or trunk, only displayed to the public eye in his later years when a caregiver at a retirement home discovered his talent and brought it to the attention of the director of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. View more by the gallery that represents Andolsek: American Primitive Gallery.

Julius WeilandJulius Weiland , Silver Dragon, 2011
silvered borosilicate glass  43.25 x 23.75 x 2.75″
photo: Wolfgang Selbach

Weiland is a glass artist represented by Litvak Gallery.  His signature work is fusing borosilicate glass tubes into flowing, glistening sculptures. In the fusing process, the glass must melt to enough of a liquid state to bond together, yet not be liquid enough to melt into a puddle.  Precision fusing is an essential and delicate process. See more (and check out his amazing, graphic website – LOVE it!) www.juliusweiland.com This link takes you to the archive index – great photos of his work.

Louis MuellerLouis Mueller, Four Corners of Green, 2007
41″ X 3″ X 3″   constructed bronze oil paint

There is something about Mueller’s strong forms that I find attractive.  His use of gallery wall corners makes you look twice.  This type of work is just the tip of the Mueller iceberg, there is a massive amount more if you delve a bit deeper. His range is impressive, with a career spanning nearly four decades, and work that includes contemporary studio jewelry, sculpture, installation, furniture design and drawings. Here are a couple of gallery links to his work: carriehaddadgallery.com,    galleryloupe.com

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