It was a lovely experience at the Starline this past Friday.  Art lovers meandered through expansive space and  live guitar music softly played, setting the tone for a relaxed evening. It is an experience to visit the Starline, and if you enjoy viewing art, sipping wine, and delicious, gourmet hors d-oeuvres, it was the place to be. Many of the artists in residence had their studios open for viewing, and it was fun and inspiring to see how they arranged their spaces and chat with them about their work and inspiration.

There’s my little vase – looks so tiny in this vast perspective … but thanks to all who gave me great, supportive comments!

Looking down the hallway, on the way to the cocktail bar.  Artist studio doors are to the left.

It’s deja vu all over again . . . this building could have been created by the same people who built the Spiegel Warehouse (see previous blog post on “Revamped”).  The same warm, golden brick, the enormous wood pillars, the working freight elevator.  I guess I have a thing for freight elevators.  I want one.

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