Photographer Ellie Davies lives and works in London, and her series “Smoke and Mirrors” is her first solo exhibition in the U.K. She has a unique photographic style that evokes thoughts of fairie tales, with mystic paths and haunted places.

Ellie Davies, Come With Me series 

In looking at her work, one wonders how this is done?  In these technological times, it looks like Photoshop work, done with filters or paints on the computer. It is not.  The pathways are made from paint, powder, wool, and paper, and actually are created within the forest.

Ellie DaviesEllie Davies, The Gloaming series

I expect to see tiny winged figures creeping out of the woods to dance in the moonlight.

Ellie DaviesEllie Davies, Knit One Pearl One series

Maybe this is where we’ll see Gollum sneaking around, leading Frodo into a spider ambush.

“I aim to express my experience of spending long periods of time alone in the forest, sometimes at night – the absorbing and meditative kind of heightened awareness that comes from silence and stillness.”
– Ellie Davies, from an interview with FAD, a London based art website

Davies often sets up her photos in an isolated forest location.  She enjoys investigating her surroundings and playing with alternative landscape formations.

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