My friends and family tease me about my obsession with fonts.  I have been known to shout out “Copperplate” or “Papyrus” while passing billboards along the highway. Fonts and typefaces are a major part of a graphic designer’s life, trying to make things readable, or unique, or expressive. There are a million fonts out there, and I can spend days scrolling along looking for the perfect one for a project. The font I came across today on Design Boom is worth posting about.

Ruslan KhasanovSunbeam Font by Rus Khasanov

So maybe it’s not what you are used to – it isn’t clean and crisp.  It’s not really consistent in its spacing and form.  But how he made it is so interesting!

Rus KhasanovSunbeam Font by Rus Khasanov

Khasanov is a Russian graphic designer, and he created the font with sunlight.  He dabbed gel onto a piece of glass and drew the letters with a clean brush.  Bringing that piece to the sunlight, the light was refracted into colors, similar to how light is dispersed in a rainbow.

Ruslan KhasanovSunbeam Font by Rus Khasanov

Visit Khasanov’s website to see the font in a moving image, and also some other very cool designs, like Liquid Calligraphy and Pixel Distortion:  Visit Design Boom as well to see his work, which is where I spotted it in the first place.

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