Artist Anne Lindberg describes her work as “subtle, rhythmic, abstract and immersive”. (from interview with Les Femmes Folles) I think her words describe her work beautifully.

Anne Lindbergandante green , 2012
Egyptian cotton thread, staples
Anne Lindberg

Her shimmering curtains of vibrant colored thread seems to float through space, rainbows of light spectrum.


Anne Lindbergvapor, 2009
rayon thread and pins
Anne Lindberg

After earning her B.F.A., Lindberg worked as a curatorial assistant at the Smithsonian, dealing with textiles.  She continued on, studying fiber arts at the Cranbrook Academy of Art.  Her artwork gravitated to drawing, but her recent works return to her textile roots.

Anne LindbergClose-up view of andante green, Anne Lindberg

In a close-up view, the staples and threads become visible, and you can see the detailed structure of her creations.  Visit her website to see more of her work, including detailed drawings and mixed media pieces that contain the same intricate, detailed precision as her installations:



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