I know I have been pushing for ice and snow lately, so here’s a flowery break.

Zadok Ben DavidBlackfield, Zadoc Ben David

Ben David works and lives in London.  His Blackfield installation is made up of more than 12,000 thousand steel cut flower and plant sculptures, painted black on the front and in brilliant color on the back. The tiny, inches high sculptures are set into sand to form a vast field.

Zadok Ben David
Blackfield, Zadoc Ben David

As visitors walk around the installation, the start black cut-outs transform into a field of vibrant color. His forms are found in old textbooks –Victorian botanical illustrations that he meticulously cuts out and hand paints.

This exhibition can be seen now in  Seocho, Seoulin, and ends on February 12, 2012.  It has been making its way around the world for a few years now, including locations such as Australia, Israel and the U.S.

BlackfieldBlackfield, Zadoc Ben David

Ben David has studied in Jerusalem as well as in London. His sculptures have won awards and is valued in public, corporate, and private collections throughout the world. Visit his website to see his other work – human figure sculptures, lacy trees, and a magic, floating box.  Intrigued?  www.zadokbendavid.com

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