I am not a shopper, and I live in a pretty rural area, so window displays are not in my everyday world.  Luckily, the world of Pinterest brings bits of everything to my screen, and thanks to metalsmith Troy Hines, I got a glimpse into the world of high fashion displays.

louis vitton window display rodeo window displaysLouis Vitton Window Display, from RodeoWindowDisplays.com

Hines posted the image on his Pinterest bulletin board, which led me to another interesting discovery – the blog of MissMentomori. Her blog is worth a visit to see the bizarre and artistic fashion designs posted.

louis vitton window displayLouis Vitton Window Display, image from MissMentomori’s Blog

This last image was taken in Dublin, Ireland.

Louis Vitton WindowLouis Vitton Display Window, image from Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe’s site was another great discovery.  A British jewelry designer, Monroe uses nature to inspire his whimsical jewelry.  I might have to feature his designs in a blog soon, but if you care to check it out, here is the website: http://www.alexmonroe.com/

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