I have two daughters that became involved with ballet dancing in their younger years, and for a long time our lives mainly took place at the studio — either dancing, rehearsing, performing, or waiting to dance, rehearse or perform. When I saw this bit of news, it brought back many memories.

Kenneth Parris is a Brooklyn artist who is currently touring with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company.  He is documenting their 2-year Legacy Tour through paintings and drawings.

I love that these pictures give you a glimpse of dance life as it looks from backstage.  Somewhat as Degas painted, they are not posed and perfect.

Kenneth Parris

Kenneth Parris These pictures are so typical – enjoying a restaurant dinner late night after a show, sitting in a stretch position in their free time. Who would sit like that naturally, or COULD sit like that? And she looks so casual and comfortable.

Kenneth Paris 

When they are not dancing, they are often sprawled out anywhere they can drop, always stretching in between.

Parris captures the dancers beautifully.  Read more, and follow the journey at The New York Times:  Artbeat.

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