Dots are a part of both of my business logos.  I like dots. Maybe it’s because my mother always loved polka-dots. Sorry, digression here – why do they call them polka-dots?  Merriam Webster defines polka dots as  a dot in a pattern of regularly distributed dots in textile design.  The Online Etymology Dictionary says “1884, from polka + dot. Named for the dance, for no reason except its popularity, which led to many contemporary products and fashions taking the name.” (Mom and Dad always did like to polka.)

Rowanberry Studio IconRowanberry Studio Icon, three red berries

Chelini & Oeffling logoChelini & Oeffling logo . . . dots?  stars?  bubbles?  olives?

DixonBaxi is a creative agency working with companies around the globe on various projects.  They started a fun little thing called “Join the Dots”. It is a “celebration in the spirit of collaboration.”  Would you put it on your wall as art?  Maybe not, but I am liking this project:

Dot by Mark HaleyDot by Mark Haley At We Are Seventeen

Ooooh, love that black eggs and ham. Would you eat them on a train?  Would you eat them in the rain? Imagine if you ate those inky eggs and then slowly smiled . . .

Dot by Jimmy YuanDot by Jimmy Yuan At Mirari Design

Is it still a dot if the circumference is only suggested?  Is it fabric?  Kites flying from a futuristic space station?  Origami?

Dot by Chad HagenDot by Chad Hagen

This appeals to the Photoshopper in me. And yes, I think I would put this on my wall at home. It also reminds me of Anish Kapoor’s “Sky Mirror”.

Dot by Tavo PonceDot by Tavo Ponce At Tavo.

Mmmmmm, love those rainbow colors.  Are they real bowls with a tiny rubber yellow inner tube and a cue ball? Can you re-create this in a graphic design program?  Can you re-create it in a real photograph?

I would love to continue this little “Join the Dots” thing on the Rowanberry blog.  Send me your images, draw your personal dot and email it on over.  You could even hand-draw it and fax it over to me. (F:815-675-2850) I’ll post them. So far this blog is still too new – I have too few followers, and hardly anyone ever gives me comments.  Come on, dot me, I dare you!

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