What is art, right?  Installations, gallery shows, awards . . . and what about everyday art that affects every part of your life?  The time and talent and technology it took to create the image on your cereal box? What about art created for the purpose of selling to the masses – like Blik’s wall graphics? They are a company that creates removable wall decals.  Maybe today’s post isn’t so much about art as it is about letting go and having fun.  Imagine being given a big box of markers and a WALL to draw on!  Does that take you back to your childhood and getting in trouble for crayoning the paint? Blik held a contest for those who doodle, and the winners had their doodles made into removable wall art decals. These were the three winners:

Not so sure I would put them on my walls . . . kind of like this one:

Contributed by Angela Babbit

Before you dismiss this form of art, take a look at some doodles created by some world-famous artists:

If you are a doodler, you might want to check out Doodlers Anonymous, a website for the sketcher at heart. From intricately beautiful to intricately creepy, you can find it here.  And next time you are bored, grab a pencil and decorate your margins – who knows where your graphite ramblings can take you?

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