There have been some “book carving” artists out on the blogs lately.  I have thought them interesting, but haven’t featured them.  Then I saw the work of Brian Dettmer, and I think he takes it just a bit farther, and I like it.

paper sculpture, DettmerThere’s Nothing to Fear, Brian Dettmer

He speaks of his work as a collaboration between himself and the book.  With tweezers and surgical tools he carefully excavates, searching to expose images and ideas, history and memories.  Take a closer look at “Fear”, and you will find “secrets”, “dark”, and “inactivity”.  There is more to explore here than the graphic sculpture of fear.

paper sculpture, DettmerThe Encyclopedia of Architecture, Brian Dettmer

Dettmer does not rearrange any images or words from where they are found in the book.  Things are removed, to reveal, never added in or replaced.

paper sculpture, DettmerNew Books of Knowledge, Brian Dettmer

In many of his sculptures you are hard pressed to determine the materials used, if you didn’t know they were books.  They twist and flow, or pieces are geometrically cut to flare out into abstract shapes.

He has exhibited internationally, and has upcoming shows in 2012 throughout the U.S., including California, Georgia, Illinois and Washington D.C. See more information and images on his website:

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