Grateful Dead musician Jerry Garcia passed away in 1995, but as Dead-Heads all over the world can testify, his music and legacy lives on. Leaving a legacy of music is one thing, but Garcia also left a few artworks behind.

Flamenco Dancer by Jerry GarciaFlamenco Dancer, Jerry Garcia

Garcia was a student at the San Francisco Art Institute, and though he went on to become famous for his music, he also painted as often as possible. There is a wild and interesting mix in the things he left behind, but undeniably there was talent there.

Mixmaster, Jerry GarciaMixmaster, Jerry Garcia

In his lifetime, he produced over 2,000 original works. He used quality materials in his work – the best Schmincke watercolors, and Prismacolor pencils, and as a result, most of the work is fully archival.

Volcano, Jerry GarciaVolcano, Jerry Garcia

Garcia painted strictly for his own pleasure and amusement.  Now, galleries are benefiting with prices as much as $100,000 for a single piece from the deceased artist. See more of his original work at the Weir Gallery online.

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