Environmental artist Tim Pugh is out there.  Literally.

Tim PughSnowball Collisions, Tim Pugh

Pugh is an environmental artist, creating ephemeral works of art in the woods and on the beach.

Tim PughWoodland Floor Rearrangment, Tim Pugh

He is based in Wales, but has exhibited his work in Dubai, Australia, and in Europe.  He notes geology and past Neolithic and Bronze Age art as influences.

Tim PughEffigy of a Pilgrim, Tim Pugh

I found Pugh’s work while browsing on the garden design musings of the Studio G blog, by Boston-based writer, Rochelle Greayer.   I have added her to my blogroll, and the site is well worth visiting. See more environmental art on Tim’s website:  http://www.timpugh.co.uk/, and click on the Blogroll link to the right to go to Studio G.



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