The incongruous use of what you might call ugly utilitarian materials become fantastic sculptures in the hands of sculptor Soo Sunny Park.

Soo Sunny ParkCapturing Resonance, Soo Sunny Park & Spencer Topal

Park collaborates with sound artist and composer Spencer Topel on this installation, featured at the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum near Boston. Can you guess the material used?

Soo Sunny ParkCapturing Resonance, Soo Sunny Park & Spencer Topal

Chain link fencing is filled with thousands of iridescent squares of plexiglass, reflecting and refracting brilliant colored light, while Topel’s blend of “whispering chords, soft tonal washes, and elongated instrumental sounds” fill the air in a composition that changes as it responds to human interaction.  (from the DeCordova website)

Soo Sunny Park36, Kr-81 (2006), night view, Soo Sunny Park
PETG, cotton strings, black paint, daylight, artificial green light

In her “36, KR-81” installation, Park utilizes artificial light to create an extra other-worldly dimension.  Beam me up.

Soo Sunny ParkMending Infraction (2010), Soo Sunny Park
metal lath, rivets, light

Again in “Mending Infraction”, Park uses rough construction materials in a unique combination with light to create a landscape, pulling my eyes into the curving, reflective paths.It makes you look twice at the everyday world, at how anything you see or use can also be a thing of beauty. See more of Park’s work on her website:

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