A new form of concrete caught my eye the other day, making me think of this materials being used for artistic applications.

Luccon materialLuccon

Luccon is a new material, a translucent concrete that is made up of concrete blocks with embedded webbed fiber optic cables.  The stone appears incongruously massive as well as transparent.

luccon stepsLuccon Concrete Steps

The Luccon website has many examples of how this material is being used around the world in architectural applications.

luccon wallLuccon

The architectural uses are beautiful.  I would imagine concrete installation artists might be eying this new material, wheels turning as to how to integrate it into sculptural works.

Luccen stands for “lucent concrete”, and was invented by Austrian Jürgen Frei. He researched this project independently, finding information online and experimenting in his garage.  He was the “Category Idea of the Year” winner in the 2009 Austrian contest called “The Start-Up Entrepreneur”.

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