It is an extreme contrast in media, but it really works for me.  Trisha Hassler combines her talent in working with fabric, along with metal fabrication, to turn out some interesting art pieces.

Trish HasslerTrish Hassler, from the Dwellings series

Hassler is a lifetime quilter, and award-winning Oregon artist. She works with torch cut steel, and with fabric, needle and thread. There is so much to study in her intricate work, from the tiny knotted details to the texture and rough finished edges of the cut steel.

Trisha HasslerTrisha Hassler, She Is No Longer Mine To Protect

I like the contrast between materials and the bold color schemes that she chooses.

Trisha Hassler Trisha Hassler, detail from one of her exhibit pieces in Surface Connections collection, Buckley Center Gallery 2010

She has been working in fabric since she was a child.  Her work has been exhibited since 2000 in juried shows, museums and galleries around the world. See for more!

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