One of the things we did on our vacation trip was to go snorkeling, and we saw some amazing tropical fish, and many black, spiny sea urchins. What a perfect time to feature artist Norman Mooney, with his spikey, urchin-like creations.

sculpture Star, Norman MooneyStar, Norman Mooney

Mooney was born in Ireland, and now lives in New York City.His sculptures are nature-inspired, an attempt to understand the joy and wonder of feeling the first rays of the sun on your face, or the explosion of color within a flower.

sculpture, Wallflowers, Norman MooneyWallflowers, Norman Mooney

The sculptures above are made from cast aluminum.

sculpture, Golden Sun No. 2, MooneyGolden Sun No. 2 (detail). Norman Mooney,
Waterhouse & Dodd Contemporary. By: Corban Walker

Golden Sun No. 2 is one of his most recent works.  Mooney laser-cuts stainless steel and bronze sheets, following his hand drawn markings.
Visit his website to view more of Norman Mooney’s work:

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