I’m working on my second honeycomb piece. The first one looked amazing, and then I tried fusing the top details onto the base and it melted into a puddle of color. This is a photo of my second try before fusing. I would like those top details to nicely melt,...

Time for a Change

Warm weather is coming, spring is in the air, and its time for a change. This will be the last post on this particular blogsite, although I will leave it here as an archive. When I started this blog, I enjoyed playing with the free tools at WordPress.com, and created...

go ahead and wire that baby

Kind of a convoluted blog story, but I belatedly saw this article (from 2011) and cracked up. “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living” by Damien Hirst (Image credit: Fickr user Rupert Ganzer) Kind of ironic that in “the...

Forest Light

One of my first mandalas, still one of my favorites.  Especially when the morning light makes it sparkle on my wall.  Soft, dappled light filtering through green branches, sparkling on the forest floor. Quiet.  Peace.

Slow Spring

It’s a slow, cold, wet, spring in the Midwest.  Snow flurries today.  I dream of lovely summer, bursting with green growth and scent and songbirds … Out of the kiln yesterday: “Hedgerow”