waterlily with blue overlay by linda oeffling“Peace, Clarity” photo by Linda Oeffling

Did the people at Pantone have a premonition of what we would need in this crazy year of 2020?  Well, they are the trendsetters, choosing a color to inspire the world’s branding, marking and creative societies. As they reviewed the world back in December of 2019, The Pantone Color Institute did say it “recognized similar feelings of instability gripping the world today” (-from CNN.com) They chose a calming color, one that represents dependability and stability. Classic Blue, Pantone 19-4052.

submerge by artechouse.com interactive toolcreated with interactive tool Experiment & Create: Exploration of Blue, Artechouse.com

Artechouse is a new age art destination, permanently located in Washington D.C.  They featured an installation in February 2020 in reference to Pantone’s color of the year, called Submerge. Their website has an amazing interactive tool, Exploration of Blue, an audiovisual experience created by Eduardo Montero.  It is designed to work with a desktop computer, and you can create an amazing image of your own.

jonas-goldmann-dynamic-spiral, paint pouring technique Jonas Goldmann, “Dynamic Spiral”, from The Blue Art Project

The Blue Art Project, #BlueMakesADifference is an interesting combination of art and science, by Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s leading provider of products & services for people with chronic kidney failure. Goldmann’s image is about the distribution of blood in the dialyzer.

“Dialyzers are life-saving pieces of medical and technological art. The advanced design of the FX Dialyzers adds a dimension that reflects the thought, care and quality that went into its construction. As the most prominent visible characteristic, the color blue of the FX Dialyzer caps became the inspiration point for our unique blue art project.” -Fresenius Medical Care website

Kojiro-Yoshiaki kiln formed foaming glassKojiro Yoshiaki,  Structural Blue (15.6), kiln-cast & slumped foaming glass

Kojiro Yoshiaki uses glass powder in conjunction with foaming agents. When it is fired, the mold fills with foamed glass.  This artist lives and works in Japan and exhibits in permanent public collections all over the world.

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