I don’t often put the words “architecture” and “jewelry” together, but that is exactly what artist Ute Decker does with her sculptural, wearable pieces. She is being showcased in July of 2012 at the London Festival of Architecture.

Ute DeckerPointed Arm Sculpture, Ute Decker
semi-matte recycled silver

“Ute Decker’s work has a contemporary yet somehow timeless feel. Her pieces are not so much literal re-interpretations of actual edifices but rather wearable sculptures suggestive of an architectural language of forms.”  from Art Daily
Ute DeckerCurvature – arm sculpture, Ute Decker
individually hand-crafted in recycled silver
sand texture, matte finish
I so admire the careful thought Decker maintains regarding every aspect of her craft. She utilizes fair trade gold, 100% recycled silver, and recycled packaging materials.  When her pieces are created using resin, she substitutes bio-resins derived from sunflowers for the traditional toxic resin materials.

Ute Decker

Minimalist neck cuff, Ute Decker
semi-matt, individually hand-crafted in recycled silver

Decker is influenced by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which is the art of finding beauty in imperfection, accepting natural cycles of growth, decay and death, simple, slow, uncluttered and authentic.  On her website, she writes, “serene beauty requires discipline, not ostensible splendour – or even perfection. by leaving small marks of the work-process of bending, forming and joining the hand-made quality of crafting remains visible as a humble recognition of our human flaws and imperfections.” See more of her work: www.utedecker.com


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