I was browsing through the artists that are being honored with the The Catlin Art Prize 2012, an annual exhibition that features the most promising art grads in the UK. Julia Vogl caught my eye with her rainbows of color.

UK installation, Julia Vogl
£ 1 000 000 | 1 000 opinions ( where would you allocate £ 1 000 000 of public spending?), Julia Vogl

Vogl is an installation artist who works to challenge social issues through public art.

“…I started to understand the role that public art can have in a community. It can make neighbourhoods safer, it can lead to positive engagement with strangers and generally it can beautify an otherwise neglected area.” – Julia Vogl from an interview with Aesthetica Magazine Blog

art installation by Julia VoglColouring the Invisible, Julia Vogl

In “Colouring the Invisible”, Vogl covers 150 windows of an interior atrium at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies.  Her artistic aim is to reflect on the languages spoken there.

art installation, Julia VoglPreferences Overview, Julia Vogl

Her rainbow bursts of color grab your attention.  I like the interactive aspect of “Preferences Overview”, based off the childhood game of hopscotch.  Did you know that game has ancient Roman origins?

Color and pattern are essential elements of Vogl’s work.  See more on her website:  www.juliavogl.com

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