The Museum of Glass is located in Tacoma, Washington.  Needless to say, this museum could provide blog fodder for several days.  Surprisingly, I am not even blogging about glass today, but about Peter Serko’s Photography exhibit.

Peter SerkoPeter Serko, Transformation:  Art Changes a City

Living in downtown Tacoma, Serko has spent many years capturing the Museum at different times of day, and throughout the changing seasons of the year.

Peter SerkoPeter Serko, Transformation:  Art Changes a City

He presents 18 photographs in this exhibit, and also invites the community to submit their best Museum of Glass Photos, which will be shown in a video montage display.

Peter SenkoPeter Serko, Transformation:  Art Changes a City

The show has been running since August, and continues until January 8, 2012.

Peter Serko came to his craft late in life, becoming a photographer in his 50’s. His background is in technology and computers, which dovetails nicely with digital photography.

“I look for detail in my subjects, those qualities in everyday objects, places, and on occasion people that are unique and often overlooked.  I might combine or juxtapose objects, near and far in a photo.  For me this creates context and tension, conveying a mood or idea that extends beyond the actual composition.”

Read more about Serko and view more of his work on his website:

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