I have a lot of hobbies and things I like to do, but reading probably tops the list.  I read while I eat breakfast, I read during lunch, I take breaks to read, and even if I get home at 2 am, I read before I fall asleep.  I read everything, from almost every genre, and I do love a good fairy tale.

Today’s blog post combines my favorite things, art and storytelling, with a new take on an old idea – that of starting a story and passing it on for the next person to continue.

W.H. Drake – Baloo and Bagheera

“A Tale to Tell” is a project that invites artists to collaborate on a creative adventure.  The story begins with an illustration from the Rudyard Kipling classic “Jungle Book”. Artists are invited to submit their own illustration and text to create a new, continuing story.

Chapter 3:  Ash Cook

I like that artists with different media are participating.  Click here to view a page of text illustrated with a music track, by Louis Rossi & Bertie Telezynski.

Chapter 7:  Jenny Lloyd

Are you an artist?  Interesting in collaborating?  Visit A Tale to Tell and let me know if you participate!

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