The design/business side of my life has brought a whole new world of enriching art experience to my world this past year. My business partner and I have launched an online destination for adult ballet dancers,  I am wholeheartedly loving this project for creativity I can bring to it.

ballet paper dolls

Integration of photography, vintage ballet paper doll cutouts

We are playing with all sorts of fun artistic experimentation, from photo shoots with vintage ballet items, to animated gifs, and finding fine art on Instagram.

Animated gif of book cover for “Cantique”, by Joanna Marsh
Ballet for Adults

One of my pet projects for our site is an Instagram account called @danceartgallery. I am growing to love this research as much as I love doing the research for this art blog. There is so much inspiration to be found, and it is fascinating to see portrayals of dance through history and through all cultures. Dance and Art have been hand in hand since prehistoric time.

Iluka Designs painting
“Midnight Campfire” found on Instagram, Iluka Designs

Dance and art are both visual. Watching a performance or studying a painting can take you into your imagination and beyond your self. Inspiration can be found, and both of these mediums speak to the inner heart.

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