Bill Yardley’s printmaking draws from the country life around him and translates it into simple, detailed beauty.

illustration, Bill YardleyStarry Night, Bill Yardley

Yardley is an artist who also works as a farmer on his 200 acres of  Warwickshire land.  His farm and daily manner of life are also his inspiration, and you can see the love in every meticulous detail.

illustration, Bill YardleyShooting Star, Bill Yardley

He holds a first class honors diploma in Fine Art,  a diploma in Printmaking, and was awarded an honorary Masters Degree from the University of Warwick. He sketches throughout the year, but when farm chores wind down a bit for the winter months, spends time transforming the rough drawings into etchings and engravings.

illustration, Bill YardleyStrange but True, Bill Yardley

I am sorry to relate that Yardley is currently having serious health problems.  Best wishes for recovering health go out to him.  See more of his work on his website:

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