I started Rowanberry Studio years ago, as a hobby, but only recently established as a business.  That meant that working with my friends and marketing as a group had to change a bit, since now I am responsible for accounting and taxes, and all the rest of the ins & outs of being responsible as a business owner.

I would not be where I am now without my group of glass buddies that work with me and inspire me, and supply wine and gourmet snacks to enjoy after class!  I am happy to continue carrying their work, displayed on consignment under Rowanberry.

Today I am excited to feature some new work by Amy Guanci.  Amy has a primitive, whimsical style that she is continually refining as she experiments with new things.  One of my favorite techniques Amy utilizes is frit painting. She mixes ground glass with white glue to create a medium that she then “paints” onto clear glass. A piece of clear glass is placed over the top, and the item is fused in the kiln at 1465 degrees. The clear top melting over the frit painting gives it a dimensional effect.

Here they are displayed on tiny little plate stands.  They measure about 2.5″ x 4″ high. Hope you like them too!

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