We have just wrapped up our big art event, Affair of the Arts.  What a wonderful day filled with inspiring artists and friendly visitors!

There’s a story behind this event . . . Amy Guanci, Jane McCauley and I work together Saturday evenings in my basement glass studio.  We had tried participating in various art/craft shows, with varying success.  Most shows made us look overpriced, next to crocheted tissue box covers, hand-made baby bags, wooden santas, etc. These venues just were not right for us.   Amy came up with a brave and wonderful idea – let’s have our own show!  Twice a year, Amy put beds in the bathroom and furniture in the garage to clear out her entire house in preparation for an art show that we could control.  She gathered a panel of jurors, so that we could have impartial judges, and we opened up a show to feature a higher quality of art. I have to give credit here to some others who helped to make these first home shows (Art Market) possible:  Heartfelt thanks goes out to Terri Smith, Kathy Piesert, and Jeanne Ferrini.

During this time, we were also participating in another “higher end” art show in Ringwood, IL, at the home of Gabi Sparacio.  In 2009, Gabi approached us and asked if we would be interested in combining shows and having a big show at The Shores of Turtle Creek, a wedding/event venue in Spring Grove, IL. So in November, we held our first combination show under the title Affair of the Arts.

It is now May of 2011, and we are enjoying our time twice each year at The Shores of Turtle Creek, in May and November. The venue is absolutely beautiful, and we have been so pleased with our participating artists.  Many return each show, and we always have a few new faces to perk up the scenery.  Our experience with these talented individuals has been wonderful.  If you came to our show, thank you! If you could not make it, we hope to see you in November…

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