Do you have a drawer of “special things”?  A shoebox under the bed?  A well-stuffed scrapbook?  WE-ARE-FAMILIA presented some interesting takes on keepsake boxes recently, at the Fountain Art Fair during Art Basel Miami Beach in early December 2011.

WE-ARE-FAMILIAWe-Are-Familia Keepsake Box No. 15 of 25 (open view).
Designed by Chen Chen and Kai Williams, 2011.
Painted cement, deconstructed Fritz Hansen Star Base Swivel Chair, Fritz Hansen metal logo mark and an enclosed set of works by We-Are-Familia artists

Graphic Designer Jennifer Garcia initiated the project by posting an internet listing asking artists to submit work relating to the word “family”. After four years, her efforts culminated in  keepsake boxes which have been featured in multiple art fairs, exhibitions, and was commissioned by the Museum of Art and Design, New York, during Metal Ball (gala fundraiser).

WE-ARE-FAMILIAWe-Are-Familia Keepsake Box No. 18 of 25.
Designed by UM Project, 2011.
Made with damaged Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs, steam compressed wood and an enclosed set of works by We-Are-Familia artists.

The assemblage boxes are created from found, recycled and surplus materials, and each one contains approximately 40 mementos contributed by the family of artists.

WE-ARE-FAMILIAWe-Are-Familia Keepsake Box No. 22 of 25, “Household,” by Steph Mantis.
Made with a Kasper Salto Nap Chair base, an Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chair, various Fritz Hansen fabrics and vinyls and an enclosed set of works by We-Are-Familia artists.

Take a look at more of the artistic storage here:

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