Nautilus (scale model), 2011
laser-cut stainless steel

It was hard to choose what to feature from the prolific portfolio of Wim Delvoye. Start with his website home, a techie, video-game-like interface that is great fun to explore. Dive into the site and one project is as fascinating as the next, full of intricate details and bizarre twists and turns. Live tattooed pigs. Painted ironing boards. Life-sized stained glass goal posts.


Delvoye creates fantastic sculptures from laser-cut steel. His sculptures in this style include life-sized construction trucks, but the classic form of the nautilus shell is mesmerizing.


Devoye is a Belgian artist, his home portfolio beginning in 2008 with a solo show in Brussels and many group exhibitions that same year. He is considered a neo-conceptual artist. His unconventional use of media, and his often shocking exhibitions define his most well-known work. Museum Tinguely in Switzerland recently hosted a major retrospective, showcasing his work from early days to the present.